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27 December 1973

Hi there everyone,

A couple of years ago some of you were kind enough to sponsor me to jump off the top of a stadium and zipline across the pitch to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

I'd be most grateful if you would consider doing so again, this time I'm going over the edge of a tall building to plummet in a downwards direction (attached by a rope and some abseil equipment I hasten to add - but that doesn't sound quite so daring!).

On the 22th June, I'll be making my way down the side if the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Arts, in Gateshead.


To raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, that's why.

Three years ago, my mum was lucky enough to spend her final weeks in our local Marie Curie Hospice, the care she (and we) received there, was nothing short of phenomenal (from the doctors right down to the cleaners).

Providing that kind of care for free though, costs money - lots of it!, And all Marie Curie's funds come from donations, and people willing to do daft things to raise money.

Visit my Justgiving page by using the above banner to sponsor me. If that doesn't work cut and paste this http://www.justgiving.com/bartplummetsagain into your browser.

Many thanks for your support, and please don't feel obliged to sponsor me again if you feel unable to do so.


Biomechanical Artificial Replicant Trained for Scientific Sabotage, Potential Assassination and Ceaseless Exploration